Choose your Tree

Choose from any of the following trees for yourself, your ancestral family, or as a gift for a member of your family, friends or a colleague. You can order by post or online or during your next holiday break in Ireland, when you could personally plant your chosen tree in the Roots form Ireland Park. This is a very unique gift and in giving such a gift you celebrate life and the memory of your ancestors while also enhancing Connemara's environment.

Trees to choose from:

  • Ash - The Sacred Mystery Tree of Nature associated with Celtci Heros.
  • Alder - Associated with the legendary Fionn Mac Cumhail and also sacred to the De Dannan.
  • Hawthorn - Ancient Irish Sacred Tree of the Gods
  • Sycamore - Associated with the ancient Irish Ogham writing.

The Connemara Heritage & History Centre will:

  • Personally nurture and care for your tree.
  • Your plaque will be maintained at the foot of your tree.
  • Extend Life Membership of the Centre and Park to the trees benefactor.
  • You are welcome to vist your chosen tree & observer its growth into the future.
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